the Roman Empire

BC02 – The Roman Empire
Colouring and Activity Book

Learn as you Colour your Way Through the History of the Roman Empire.
40 Colouring Sheets, Loads of Fun Facts, 10 Detailed Scenes, Activities and more.

Let the Boffins inspire you and bring life to the Roman Empire. Discover the key facts, experience the main events and get close up to the most important people of the time. With something for children of all ages (and their parents too) each page is packed full of things to do. Never before has education been so much fun. So grab your crayons and pencils now and join Boffin Club today!

Includes the Game of the Bear Board Game.

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Roman Empire Colouring Sheet

The Roman Empire Colouring and Activity Book is comprised of 10 (4 page) sections. Each section begins with a Covering Page, containing details of a prominent personality of the Roman Empire, as well as one of our Boffins with their imagination hard at work. These pages form the basis of each 4 page section. Many of the most famous and infamous Emperors are covered, and their influence over the Empire is examined. 


Ancient Rome Colouring Sheet
Each section has a Detailed Scene. There are 10 of these in total throughout the book. The Detailed Scene complements the Cover Page. There is no further text on these pages. They can be quite complex and so are well suited to older children. Younger children will still enjoy however, particularly if parents were to take the opportunity to show off their own skills or assist then in difficult areas.


Ancient Rome Colouring Sheet

Of the remaining 20 pages some of the most important are the Key Fact pages. These focus on important elements of the Roman Empire and it’s historical impact. Other Key Fact pages have interesting things about the period, such as What the Romans Did for Us, and Gladiators. These pages are fun to draw but also encourage additional learning. It’s within these Key Fact pages that the real Boffins amongst us will come of age.


Ancient Rome Colouring Sheet

There are many Activities to do in the Roman Empire Colouring and Activity Book. You’ll find them contained within the Key Facts and Cover Pages, as well as having their own dedicated pages. Activities include, Colour the expansion of the Empire, Find the Hidden Objects, WordSearch, Spot the Difference, and Guess the God. Can you match the Roman Gods with their Greek counterparts? 


Roman Empire Colouring Sheet

As well as colouring, learning, and traditional paper based activities, there are also loads of things to do that encourage children to leave the confines of the book and explore more about life at the time. This includes making Roman meals for which there are recipes, the Roman Wink murder game, and a very useful fact sheet on Roman Numerals and tips on how to learn how to read them! 


Ancient Rome Colouring Sheet

Not to mention The Game of the Bear. All contained on one sheet. A favourite in Ancient Rome this game takes the form of a hunt. One person take the bear and the others the Hunters. Can you corner the bear? You can just imagine Roman soldiers playing it as they relax from their duties at Hadrian’s Wall. So far from home in northern Britain, at the outer reaches of the Empire. 

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